wissen (to know, sapere)


(fonte: HERR PROFESSOR German from scratch for Busy Professionals)

Ich weiss nicht.
(I know not.)
I don't know.

Ich weiss nicht, wo wir sind.
(I know not, where we are.)
I don't know where we are.

Weisst du, wie er heisst?
(Know you how he is called?)
Do you know how he is called?

Ich weiss, wo das Restaurant ist.
(I know where the restaurant is.)
I know where the restaurant is.

Weisst du, wo die Schlüssel sind?
(Know you where the keys are?)
Do you know where the keys are?

Ich weiss, dass er in Düsseldorf lebt.
(I know, that he in Düsseldorf lives.)
I know that he lives in Düsseldorf.

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