sagen (to say/to tell, dire)


(fonte: HERR PROFESSOR German from scratch for Busy Professionals)

Was sagt er?
(What says he?)
What does he say?

Er sagt, dass er nicht kommt.
(He says, that he not comes.)
He says that he doesn't come.

Ich sage dir nicht, wo er wohnt.
(I say to you not, where he lives.)
I don’t tell you where he lives.

Ich habe ihr gesagt, dass ich sie liebe.
(I have to her said, that I her love.)
I told her that I love her.

Was hast du ihm gesagt?
(What has you him told?)
What did you tell him?

Ich habe ihm gesagt, dass ich ihn nicht liebe.
(I have him said, that I him not love.)
I told him that I don’t love him.

Note grammaticali
dass, come wo, wie e wann, è una congiunzione che trasforma la frase in frase secondaria, spingendo il verbo coniugato in ultima posizione.
Il verbo sagen regge il dativo (ich sage dir).
Ich habe Ihr gesagt, das ich sie liebe. Nella prima frase il pronome femminile è al dativo perché il verbo sagen regge appunto il dativo, ma nella seconda frase il pronome femminile è all'accusativo, in quanto il verbo lieben regge il caso accusativo.

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